A faster and more flexible Internet and web filtering solution for your school.

  • Fibre and leased line options available
  • Regain control of your filtering
  • Benefit from faster speeds – up to 4x faster
  • Greater value for money

We are delighted with the results! The transition was a very simple process and we are now receiving a much more reliable Internet connection at a much lower annual cost.

ICT Technician

Abbotswood Junior School

Introducing Agile ICT internet and web filtering – a better solution which offers greater flexibility and usability when using the internet in school. Often internet filtering systems will limit users to the extent where you are restricted from accessing valuable and necessary educational resources.

With Agile’s internet option your school will be very securely filtered while maintaining usability and access to what you need! This also can be tailored depending on your school’s specific requirements giving flexibility to allow/block sites as you require. So no more, “computer says no” but a flexible and usable internet service that is suited for your schools’ demands.

Why Switch Your Internet Solution?

Bedenham Primary School Testimonial

Appropriate Filtering and User Reporting

Network Security Protection with Agile Internet

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A better value solution – schools can receive faster speeds, better security and more flexible filtering with Agile Internet.

We now offer our own “Agile Fibre” and “Agile Leased Line” Internet solutions. Even with an Agile Fibre package we expect most schools to receive a much faster connection at a lower cost and with a far more flexible content filtering capability!

All our solutions are fully supported by our technical team – meaning Agile Internet is completely managed by us and, in the event of any problems, you have only one number to call!

Our web filtering service offers flexibility and allows you to take control. It securely filters without restricting valuable teaching resources meaning staff and students can access the online content they need. Agile web filtering provides an inclusive and secure content – protecting your students and staff without being restrictive. The filtering policies can be tailored depending on your needs and you have the ability to implement custom filters for an individual user or specific staff groups.

Benefits of Agile Internet

  • Greater control and flexibility
  • Reliable and secure
  • Better performance, faster speeds
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Value for money
  • Up to 76Mb on FIBRE, Up to 100Mb on LEASED LINES
  • Web filtering system included