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A one-stop shop offering a holistic ICT service for education with our innovative approach to ICT.

  • Faster and more reliable
  • Higher performance and longer lasting
  • Genuine and tangible cost savings
  • Require less support meaning more savings

When Agile ICT updated our network, they were very professional and knowledgeable, and the changeover was painless!

Gill Scott

Network Manager, All Saints Church of England Junior School

The network in your school is the foundation upon which everything else that you seek to do with ICT is built. ICT is complex but the fundamentals are simple – your ICT system will only run as fast as the slowest component in the chain. We demystify this below with a basic overview of the key network components

Designing optimised and balanced networks is as much art as it is science – if it were simple then all networks would perform the same yet our Agile ICT systems are constantly recognised as faster and more stable.

All our schools have found that choosing an Agile ICT solution will deliver a faster and more reliable solution than their previous providers. The performance and stability of our solutions means they require less support from us which in turn delivers genuine and tangible cost savings for the school. These savings can often run into thousands of pounds per year.

Previous supplier

With Agile ICT


hours of support a week


hours of support a month

The Infrastructure

The ICT infrastructure is the physical foundation on which a network is built and developed on, hence its importance in the creation of robust and reliable networks.

The Switches

The flow through all the network components needs to be optimised as one rogue element can dramatically affect the performance that the user experiences.

The Server

The role of the Server is obviously key – it requires an expert to design and configure and this too is subject to the rule that it will only run as fast as its slowest component.

The Wireless

Agile ICT is the leading Fortinet supplier on the South Coast providing robust and stable wireless solutions built for the ever-increasing range of mobile devices.