Agile ICT Installation and Cabling

Agile ICT offers a complete one-stop shop for your ICT requirements, not only do we provide ICT hardware and support, but we have offered a full installation service to our schools for over 9 years now.

All our ICT engineers are highly skilled and trained to the highest standard in installation. Agile ICT employs its own full time Installation Engineers. We do not use sub-contractors and we install all the technology that we supply so you are never faced with the problem of one contractor trying to pass the blame to another. Whatever your requirement, our experts will thoroughly discuss your needs in order to provide you with the best advice. We take pride in all our work and will provide you with an excellent quality installation, time after time.

We are also a Registered Contractor with Hampshire County Council and are well known for our innovative ICT suite and desking solutions which are typically custom made to maximise the space that you have available, normally for a cost that is lower than bought in mass-produced items.

Data Cabling

Our data cabling team can advise and install various types of cabling including Cat5e and Fibre optic network cables.  Our team approaches all their jobs professionally and systematically, whether your school needs a single network port or a complete rewire. Your account manager will discuss the various options with you and will always highlight the best way to ‘future-proof’ your solution.

Hardware Installation 

Interactive Whiteboards and Panels, Fortinet Wireless, CCTV, VOIP Systems and more.

Our team can also install your hardware for you, whether the job is a interactive panel swap-out or a new CCTV camera system across the school. Our installation engineers are trained to the highest level and they are also certified in SMART and Promethean.

Create an interesting and engaging learning hub in your school with Agile ICT construction services.


With any ICT Suite, the challenge is always to balance the “wow” factor with the school’s need for practicality – specifically getting the required number of seating positions out of the space available. It is not unknown for our designer to flounce off in a huff when practicalities interfere with his vision! However, irrespective of the space we have to work with, we will always come up with the best solution for your area. Where space precludes an interesting shape we offer things such as colour changing lights and a selection of interesting materials.

Our philosophy is that there is a fair price for the work and that is what we quote, fixed price, so there are no hidden surprises for the school. If we encounter a problem that we should have envisioned then this is our problem and we take the hit.

Being able to call upon the resources of our related construction company means we can take responsibility for all facets of constructing the suite from gutting out the space to constructing new walls and installing new PCs. One supplier, no excuses, with a fixed price. Every customer of Agile ICT acts as a reference and we intend to keep it that way.

Other Design Facilities

At Agile ICT we don’t just build ICT suites, we can help you design and build other parts of the school such as offices and training rooms as well. We will design you a layout that perfectly balances a sharp professional look, with total practicality and making the most out of confined spaces. We will cover every aspect of your new room, from carpet choice to cable trunking or even custom made book shelves!