Switching from HSS

Hampshire Hosted Schools Service (HSS) End of Life – July 2021

Hampshire IT have advised, Monday 27th January 2020, that:

  • All HSS services will stop on the 31st July 2021
  • You should make alternative IT support arrangements as early as possible, and therefore have your new arrangements agreed and operational in readiness for 1st August 2021


Looking to switch to a new supplier?

Agile ICT offers a low total cost solution. Our ICT systems deliver better performance and faster speeds. Our expert team are known for their friendly, “can-do” approach to any issue. Our philosophy is centred on delighting our customers and offering a flexible support service to meet the needs of our schools.

Agile ICT can offer you an alternative provision for your ICT system and technical support. You can take back control of your system and introduce an ICT provision that provides greater performance, more flexibility, and long term reliability. We can help you achieve this, whilst delivering a friendly, efficient support service (as and when you need it), ensuring the system is effectively maintained and hassle-free for all your users.

Please don’t take our word for this, you can speak to any Agile ICT school about our services. They say our IT systems “just work”, they “couldn’t have asked for better” and switching to Agile ICT was “the best decision we ever made”!

Fleet Infant School Testimonial

Switched from HSS to Agile ICT in July 2020

Lower total cost of ownership

Best value solutions

Full money back guarantee