Agile ICT Audio Visual Solutions

It is easy to add the X Factor to your school assemblies with an Agile ICT designed Audio/Video/Lighting solution. Transform this important time that you spend engaging with the students, captivating their imaginations and stimulating their interest in learning.

Imagine the difference you could achieve with large screen video projection coupled with professional grade audio – bring your assemblies to life and make it something the school really look forward to. It is guaranteed to stimulate the students’ interest in the subject material and/or learning about the technology itself. You can also turn your Hall into a revenue generating asset by renting out the space for activities such as amateur theatre productions.

The key to a successful solution is selecting and blending a range of specialist components to achieve an elegant and effective solution that is simple to use and at a sensible cost.

Typically this would include:

  • Extra Large Image Projector
  • Fixed or Powered High Reflectivity Projection Screen
  • Professional-grade PA amplifiers
  • Professional-grade Multi Channel Audio Mixing Desk
  • Multiple Speakers to provide an even spread of powerful surround sound to fill the school hall
  • Multiple Radio Microphones, Lapel or Hand Held
  • Multiple Source Components including Blu-Ray, DVD, CD players and PC’s

The final piece in the jigsaw is an exciting lighting system. We all know from watching shows on TV how powerful good lighting can be in drawing us into the experience. Our specialist knowledge enables us to conceive and design lighting solutions that are flexible, cost effective and simple to use.