Agile ICT Wireless Solutions

Agile ICT is the leading Fortinet (formerly Meru networks) solution supplier on the South Coast. Our ICT Technicians possess the highest levels of accreditation. We handle ALL elements of the design, installation and configuration from initial Site Survey to the installation of any necessary backbone cabling to the final configuration itself. We are the only supplier to do this and possess the end-to-end control that this gives us.

We feel that the only technology that can handle the unique demands of schools and colleges, without compromising performance or reliability is Fortinet. The Fortinet Wireless solution has unique technologies unmatched by any other vendor.

Why Agile ICT and Fortinet Wireless?

We are very proud of the reputation we have earned – all our customers are fully referenceable – and apply exactly the same focus to our Wireless solutions. We fully guarantee all our work – if you are not delighted we will happily remove all the components and give you your money back.

Our Fortinet Wireless Networks offer:

  • Award winning control for administrators – makes it easy to keep an eye on what’s going on
  • Much greater range and performance – ‘N’ signals suffer less interference and can penetrate through thicker surfaces
  • All access points have very high data throughput and density – allowing for up to 30 clients to connect
  • Zero handoff between access points – great for streaming videos online such as iPlayer

About Wireless Solutions

The education environment places unique demands on Wireless solutions. Solutions that are perfectly acceptable in the Home or Office are not suitable for schools and colleges.

The most critical element of a Wireless solution in schools and colleges is Density. Density refers to the ability of a Wireless solution to handle many tens of devices logging on at the same time. In schools and colleges this activity occurs pretty much every hour as lessons change. This is very different to how you may use your Wireless at home or in the office.