Agile ICT Server Service

Just like a car needs a regular service – your server needs regular maintenance.

Within a server’s lifetime, many schools still go without regularly completing the critical security updates and day to day maintenance needed in order to keep their server secure and performing at its best. This service is carried out so your server continues to perform well and also be protected from further damage being caused. Your server is at risk if you do not do this as it becomes open to security threats and potential vulnerabilities.

It is VITAL that effective regular maintenance takes place on your server and this is why we always recommend having frequent “server services” performed on your network – especially as your network becomes older.

What does server servicing include?

  • System updates and security
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Check disk usage and RAID health
  • Review server performance
  • User data and logs
  • Applications update
  • Hardware inspection
  • Remote management