Agile ICT Support Packages

Our service really is about personalisation rather than tying customers into contracts. We offer bespoke packages to schools by way of our support hours banking system, which gives schools the ability to buy as much or as little support hours as they need. Schools are able to be flexible with their hours using them for technical support or for purchasing ICT products. Also if a school no longer requires a support visit they can store these unused hours in their bank until they are needed.

Agile ICT’s response and support was absolutely first rate – having been helped in a fast, efficient and reassuring way

Mill Rythe Junior School

Banked Hours

Agile ICT provides a unique banking system, called ‘banked hours’ which you can use for technical time, telephone advice, remote support or emergency call outs.

  • Freedom to use as and when you need to
  • Provides flexibility and adaptability to suit your support needs
  • No need to worry about call out charges and hidden costs
  • You can also use them to purchase products

The A team at Agile ICT in the last two days have all gone over and beyond – what a team

Coleen Smith

Rachel Madocks School

This service allows schools to ‘bank’ any hours they do not use, which means you will never lose unused support time. For example, if your school no longer needs one of your scheduled visits, you can simply allocate this time into your bank of hours and then use them as required, and remember they last forever!

The banked hours system really gives your school the added flexibility needed for you to effortlessly manage your ICT support.

Remote Support

At Agile ICT our highly trained technicians can provide vital support without having to be by your side. Using “remote connection” will allow us to take over any machine in your school, be it a server or workstation, and fix the problem for you. Also if you wish to learn how to do it yourself, we can talk you through how to apply the changes and what steps to take in order to fix / troubleshoot any future problems.

Can’t fix a problem? Don’t know why something isn’t working? Let us fix it for you!

Remote support examples

  • Quick and instant access to both the server and client machines
  • Review the status of the network
  • Install and deploy network-based software
  • Diagnose server hardware and software Issues
  • Connect and manage network printers
  • Group policy and user management


  • Reduce profile size and fix corrupt/temporary profiles
  • Show customers how to complete tasks for future reference
  • Assist school office staff with local programs (SIMS, SAP, SCO)
  • Schedule regular backups and assist with storage solutions
  • Access wireless interface for diagnostics
  • Control user security permissions

1.  Raise support ticket

Access the Agile ICT helpdesk to raise your issue

2.  Download remote support software

We may need to remote onto your machine

3. Give your feedback

We take pride in our support – let us know how great it was

Awesome customer service – raised the request over the weekend and it was ready for me first thing on Monday morning.

Debbie Lewis

Elson Junior School

Thanks again to the orange clad superheroes that are Agile ICT! Once again you have persevered through perils and adversity.

Pete West

Hook Infant School

Scheduled Visits

From our support service, schools have not only experienced dramatic benefits to their ICT but also have seen significant savings. We have minimised many schools on-going support costs by producing long-term, sustainable ICT systems which, as our schools say, ‘just work’.

Our support service is very simple – you create a package that suits you and only pay for what you use. Typically a school will buy a set amount of hours to cover regular visits plus an additional 5 or 10 banked hours.

Examples of how you can build your bespoke support package:

Option 1

2 hours once a week – Total: 40 visits

Option 2

2 hours twice a month – Total: 22 visits

Option 3

2 hours once a month – Total: 11 visits